Project support for all aspects of the production process

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Professional planning for new installations & relocation projects

A few days delay in moving can have a very negative impact on production and hinder your ability as a manufacturer to bring enough products to market.
“As soon as the project begins, InSeCoTec GmbH mobilises all necessary resources to ensure that the handover deadline is met.

InSeCoTec’s project-related planning is a particularly important service for installation and relocation projects that involve high customer investments and where minimizing risks and costs is critical.”

Delf Witthuhn

Head of Quality Management

Mastering the critical requirements of project support and planning


Audit of all critical areas in the planning phase

Examination of all areas of the production process for possible error potential.

Proper decommissioning

The systems concerned will be taken out of service in accordance with the timetable.

Observe safety regulations on site

Compliance with the requirements of the place of performance has the highest priority.

Preventive troubleshooting for machines and systems

Replacement of assemblies or components both on demand and preventively.

Timely material availability

All necessary materials are available in time to minimize waiting times.

Support during commissioning

Availability of technical experts for commissioning and qualification of plants and machines.

State-of-the-art calibrated tools

Availability of critical calibrated tools and trained personnel.

Tool upgrades or modifications

Modernizations and modifications also during production.

Effective schedule coordination for major projects

Coordination of installations with all trades for large relocations or new buildings.

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